• EMBA in Healthcare

    A program in partnership with UPMC for physicians and other healthcare professionals seeking high-level advancement combining the disciplines of business and medicine.

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  • EMBA in Healthcare

    At Katz, we prepare well-established professionals reach the next level in their careers. See our sample schedule below.

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    Term 1

    Summer, Fall, & Spring

    A comprehensive foundation of business principles.

    Sample Courses


    Term 2

    Summer & Fall

    A far-reaching study of policy, strategy, and management designed to transform clinicians into leaders.

    Sample Courses

    • Comparative Healthcare Policy (EMBA HC)

      Comparative Healthcare Policy (EMBA HC)

      Course Description

      Course description will be posted fall 2018

    • Marketing Management (EMBA)

      Marketing Management (EMBA)

      Course Description

      This dynamic, fast-moving course is taught, in part, by using a simulation, where students make decisions about when to launch products and how to promote them. The course discusses such fundamental topics as proper choice of pricing, packaging, advertising, selling, and distribution of products—and ultimately develops your ability to put those ideas into practice. Issues of customer satisfaction, market orientation, quality, cross-functional integration, and new product development teams are addressed.

    • Strategic Cost Management (EMBA)

      Strategic Cost Management (EMBA)

      Course Description

      Firms around the world are under pressure to maximize efficiency. Even leading companies that are dominant players in their markets must learn to minimize costs to remain competitive. This course focuses on determining the costs of products and services as well as illustrating how managers can best use this information in the planning and control of business operations.

    • Practicum (EMBA HC)

      Practicum (EMBA HC)

      Course Description

      Course description will be posted fall 2018

    • Human Resource Management and Negotiations (EMBA HC)

      Human Resource Management and Negotiations (EMBA HC)

      Course Description

      Course description will be posted fall 2018

    • Electives (EMBA HC)

      Electives (EMBA HC)

      Course Description

      Course description will be posted fall 2018

    • Practicum (EMBA HC)

      Practicum (EMBA HC)

      Course Description

      Course description will be posted fall 2018


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    We are here to offer you support through the admissions process. Below, find all of the information, requirements, and key dates you’ll need to submit your application.

    Before You Apply

    Basic Requirements

    Applicants must meet the following requirements before filling out an online application.


    Applicants should be in a management position. Individuals who are reentering the workforce or undergoing a career transition should contact us for more information.Strong academic performance or exceptional test scores can compensate for individuals in the early stages of their career development.



    An undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution or its equivalent is required.



    If you fall into any of these following categories, a GMAT exam may be required:

    Have less than 10 years of professional experience.
    For candidates with a master's degree, eight years of professional experience is required
    Had an undergraduate GPA of less than 3.0
    Earned an undergraduate degree in an area with little or no quantitative coursework

    When you sign up for the GMAT exam, send your results directly to us, by using the code DPZ-M5-98



    Your employer must indicate its willingness to give you sufficient time to complete our EMBA class schedule. In addition to time off, many candidates receive some form of financial support from their employers; however, this is not required.



    English is the language of the Katz Executive MBA Worldwide program, even in our locations abroad. Citizens of a country where English is not the official language must present an official score from the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing system). However, individuals who earned a bachelor's or higher degree from a regionally accredited institution in an English-speaking country are exempt.

    For the TOEFL exam, a score of 100 or higher is desired. No score below 80 will be accepted. On the IELTS, a score of seven or higher is desired. No score below 6.5 will be accepted. Applicants who fail to meet these requirements must verify their English-language proficiency by sitting for an additional test. You must send your TOEFL or IELTS scores directly to us. The TOEFL code is 2927-02. For information about the IELTS.


    We make admissions decisions typically within three weeks of receiving a complete application package. Your application will either be accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. If waitlisted, an admissions decision may not be made until three months before classes begin. At that time, those with the strongest credentials are admitted.


    The Application

    Getting Started

    The following information and components are necessary to advance in the application process.

    Required Components

    You must submit the following to be considered for admittance to the University of Pittsburgh Katz Graduate School EMBA Program:

    • Online Application

    • Current Résumé

    • Two Recommendations

    • Self-recommendation letter describing your:

      Current job responsibilities and assignments
      Finest achievements and greatest disappointments
      Challenges you have met within your organization
      Civic and community activities and offices held
      Reasons and motivations for entering the EMBA program
      Professional and personal goals and plans

    • In Person Interview

    • College or University Transcripts

    • Official GMAT

      (Optional in some cases). Use code: DPZ-M5-98)

    • Official TOEFL or IELTS scores

      Our TOEFL code is: 2927-02

    Mail or fax your paper application and submit your materials directly to the EMBA location you wish to attend. Please do not email your application.


    Interview Process

    Evaluative Interview

    Applicants may be asked to participate in our evaluative interview process upon initial review by the MBA admissions committee.

    Meeting with the committee

    Interviews are the final stage of our selection process. The interview helps us to assess your motivation for enrolling our Executive MBA program, the quality of your academic and professional experience, and your plans for future personal and career growth.

    Details are provided in the interview invitation.



    Additional Information

    Need To Know

    Frequently Asked Questions


    • I am not a UPMC employee. Can I still apply to the program?

      Yes. This program is open to individuals at any organization who have significant healthcare experience.

    • How is this program different than EMBA Worldwide?
      The Katz-UPMC EMBA in Healthcare Program is designed specifically for individuals who have significant work experience in healthcare. The curriculum is focused on healthcare and the core courses, electives, and practicum focus on how to apply business and management concepts in a healthcare environment.
    • What types of healthcare professionals can enroll in the program?
      The program is open to all types of healthcare professionals, including physicians, experienced administrators and managers in health care delivery, insurance, public health, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. The program is designed for professionals who are thinking about what’s next for their career or what’s beyond the clinical aspects of their jobs.
    • How long does the program take to complete?
      The curriculum is delivered over five semesters in 19 months. The cohort will begin in May 2017 and finish in December 2018.
    • When are classes held?
      Classes meet Friday and Saturday, once a month. Classes are not held in the evenings.
    • Where are classes held?
      Classes are held at the University of Pittsburgh’s Oakland campus in Alumni Hall, 4227 Fifth Avenue.
    • Who teaches the courses?
      Courses are taught by faculty from the Katz Graduate School of Business and will feature guest lectures by UPMC physicians and administrative leaders.
    • Do I need to take the GMAT or GRE before applying?
      No, there is no GMAT or GRE requirement.
    • Is TOEFL required?
      The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is required of all non-native speakers of English. For more information on the TOEFL Web site. For more information on the IELTS Web site.
    • How much does the Katz-UPMC EMBA-H program cost?
      The tuition is $95,000. See the tuition page for more details or contact Bill Valenta at wtvalenta@katz.pitt.edu.

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  • Tuition & Fees

    Tuition and fees vary based on program, residential status, and other factors.

    Program Cohort


    The tuition is $95,000 for the Katz-UPMC EMBA in Healthcare Program. It covers all books, cases, and simulations; meals during all class sessions; and access to University of Pittsburgh resources including fitness facilities, libraries, and public transportation in the City of Pittsburgh with the Port Authority of Allegheny County.

    U.S. citizens are able to finance their education through a federal Stafford loan for up to $20,500 per academic year and students may also receive a standard loan. Visit Pitt’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid page for more details.


    Your tuition is $56,500. It covers all books, cases, and simulations; hotel lodging at the Global Executive Forums (GEFs) in Pittsburgh and São Paulo; meals during all class sessions; and access to University of Pittsburgh resources when on campus, including fitness facilities, libraries, and public transportation.  Additional items covered by tuition include a one-year subscription to the Wall Street Journal and various software packages through Microsoft Windows.  Please note that tuition does not include airfare to the (GEFs).


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    Tuition & Fees


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Katz students are part of a nurturing community of peers and administrators who are unified in delivering the highest level of support. Current students may use these links to access the student intranet, University learning platform, and to contact a member of the Katz IT Services Help Desk.